MAWAK – In this fresh new twist on the Epic Fantasy Genre, the Conquest of the New World is re-imagined with the myths and fairy tales of Europe invading the myths of South America. Set in the ancient era that the Mayan Calendar calls the First Age of Man, this is a tale of the island continent of Mawak, a tropical paradise filled with amazing creatures, ruled by the Child Goddess, Hia. The peaceful world is shattered when three ships come from the distant northern land of Uranwar with the intention of conquering Mawak and enslaving its peoples.

At the dawn of the First Age of Man, the Gods of Light created a Blue Planet covered by vast oceans and sent the goddess, Hia to watch over it. Hia traveled across the stars in a twinkling crystal sphere, which landed in the oceans of the Blue Planet. When the sphere of Hia touched the planet’s surface there was a burst of light and life. Massive roots grew up from the sea bed and formed the lush continent of Mawak. From the plants and the trees, Hia shaped the creatures of Mawak. She formed the Crocodile Men out of the swampy marsh grass. She wove the Monkey Folk from the tangled jungle vines. She molded the Ant People from the deep tree roots. And from the tall golden rows of corn, she made her favorite creatures, the Race of Mankind.

When Hia was done with her creation, she asked the Wizard Quetzal to watch over the New World. She gave him her Laws and her Prophecies. And she gave him Four Keys that would allow him to reach her in times of need. Then she sank beneath the waves of the vast Lake Tilcan to rest and recover her power.

The Gods of Darkness witnessed the glorious birth of Mawak and they grew jealous. They sent the twisted creature known as Karkan in a ball of fire and destruction to conquer the Blue Planet. When Karkan reached the surface, lava burst forth from the Blue World like blood from a wound and formed the corrupt continent of Uranwar. From the embers and the flames of Uranwar, Karkan molded an army of horrific monsters to vanquish the people of Mawak.

Deep within her sphere, Hia sensed the threat of Uranwar. Though she was still weak, she knew she had to help. When her priestess, Xochi prayed to the Goddess for a child, Hia sent the girl Twin boys, Unak and Izbal. Karkan sends a hurricane of ash and smoke to kill the Twins. Though he destroys the village the Twins are rescued by Quetzal who flies them away on the back of a giant Condor. The Twin’s parents, believing their children to be dead and overwhelmed by grief, leapt from the highest peak in Mawak. They did not die, however. Hia gave them wings and they become the first Eaglemen.

Quetzal must now raise the Twins, train them to be heroes and he must do so quickly. The Armada of Uranwar has set sail. The Black Ships are coming to conquer the Land of Mawak, enslave its people and steal the Golden Light of Hia.
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